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At Luxury Spirit Partners – France (LSP), we offer individuals the opportunity to partner with us in our established New Fill Brandy ageing project.

We meticulously select our Brandy, which is distilled twice (using pot stills) to ensure the exact alcoholic strength or ABV from our newly refined spirit, which is distilled on-site by master distillers in Cognac, France, and is overseen by our founder, James Foster.

After this, the newly distilled spirit is placed in the finest quality barrels for the ageing process, which a master cooperage has prepared and pressure tested to ensure minimal evaporation of the spirit.

Press releases

James Foster´s Luxury Spirit Partners Are Tapping Into The Brandy Market

James Foster is a connoisseur of high-end alcoholic beverages who has facilitated luxury spirit ageing programs for high-net-worth individuals... read more

30.11.2023 • By Luxury Spirit Partners France